Creating multiple RAID volumes or adding quotas

Hi all,

I got my EX2 (2x3TB) yesterday and started setting things up.

The plan was to set up everything in RAID 1:

1x1,5 TB for a share for my photographs

1x750 GB for general file storage

1x750 GB for TimeMachine backup

First I started to look for the option to create volumes / partitions but I can only find shares. Then I was looking to have a quota for the shares, so the TimeMachine backups won’t be getting too big and limit the other disk space. Nada.

Next thing is that I went to the RAID settings, but this is equally useless since I can only create one RAID volume and use the rest in “Spanning” mode or leave it empty. In the second case I could only add another partition in “Spanning” mode.

Question is:

Is there really no proper, easy way to have the setup as described above or if not to at least enforce quotas?

Thanks in advance for any input, hints etc.


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I am not a Mac user so I’m not familiar with the TM backup process…but a crude way to impose these limits would be by doing the following…mind you, this is my theoretical plan…haven’t actually tinkered with quotas myself:

  • First, you won’t get a full 3TB out of each of those drives…so you’ll have to adjust the numbers a bit accordingly (lookup terabytes vs tebibytes)
  • Create one single volume in RAID 1
  • Setup three shares, one for each purpose
  • Create all your users
  • Create three separate groups, one for each share, and add the desired users to each group
  • Quotas can be set per group (or per user) so during group creation set quota for the three groups accordingly
  • Grant each group read-write access to just one of those shares based on the group quota

I think this would effectively achieve same results you are looking for.

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Hi Cybernut,

thanks for this idea, I haven’t looked at this.

The problem with the TM process is that it keeps on adding backups until the space is full, only then it starts to overwrite old backups. This would basically fill up the space more and more, I would have to delete backups manually which shouldn’t be necessary if I manage to set up the thing correct.

Once at home I will look into your suggestion but sounds good so far.



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Now the main drawback with this approach is that you will essentially be granting read-write access for all users, to each of those shares. But I think, if you need to have some users with read-only access to those shares, you can create a second group (say called TM-ReadOnly, etc.) for each share adding select users to the group and then granting that group just read-only permissions. (BTW, you can give kudos to as many posts as you like :wink: )