Creating FTP access with username and password

Hi guys, i am a new user towards WD NAS. I have successfully created FTP access to a few folders, i am able to access them from remote PC. but i can’t figure out how to create a username and password to access these folders i have created. As such, when i enter my, i was able to view all my shared folders. Can anyone advise on this? Thank you

if I understand you would like to access the shares via ftp from the outside?
in this case you have to make a NAT router on your door 21, in this way from your PC to the Internet, pointing to your external IP (that you know) will access using the same credentials you use when you’re on the local network

Hi Simone, thanks for your reply. I have already fwd port 21 to my NAS. now the issue is how to create a login credential. As such when someone from outside enters, he will be prompted for a username and password. Currently, when my ftp address is entered. all shared folders are viewed. Thanks

in the shares section you must disable the option PUBLIC and assign read / write access to a previously created user, so only the users that you assigned can access to the folder, same thing is replicated to the FTP session