Creating a personal cloud

I have three WD external network drives:   one TB, two TB and Three TB.  I would like to create a cloud where to back my system and other files I would also like to be able to access the cloud online is this possible?

I understand that there are apps that can backup and restore online is this a true fact or B.S.?

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One option is to use Smartware to backup your system files to WD network drives.  You can acces the cloud online via   Not sure what else you are trying to accomplish, please be more specific.

All I’m trying to do is to create a system back up on the cloud with the appropriate software, I also would like to know if,once the back up is done, can it be restored from the cloud when all is lost.

I read about all the clouds available that keep files safe and ready for restore but none, that I know, let you restore from scratch. In the old days one used to back everything up on disks,one of which would be bootable, and a little at the time every thing would be restored.

In a disaster, It would be nice if there was away to boot with network capability and go to the My Cloud and restore everything

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It all depends on the software you use for backup / restore.  The my cloud is just a network attached storage, meaning as long as you can connect to the network that the my cloud is connected to, then you should have access to its files.  For example, Acronis True Image, you can do a backup a system image to the my cloud, but it’s restore operation will only let you restore using locally connect drives. 

I do posses Acronis true image 2013 as you suggest, with it I kept a total back up of my whole system stored on one of my WD  network drives.  My desktop went down not too long ago I inserted the recovery CD got to windows but I couldn’t see the network drives, I had to start over by doing a clean reinstall of Windows 7. 

What should I have done?

That’s the limitation with Acronis, their recovery program boots you into their enviroment with just basic drivers loaded, except LAN.  Your backup is still on the WD Nas, except there’s not way to get to it since there is no LAN connection in Acronis recovery.  Only way around it is to move the back from the WD drive to a USB external drive, plug it into the computer when doing a recovery and you should be able to see it.

What wd advertises their drives can do can be done. Though how difficult it is to do depends on your specific needs.

What devices I.e. iPhone, android phone, win 8 laptop, etc are you trying to back up? Are you wanting automatic back up or just manual backup? Do you need remote (when you are out of your local network) automatic backup of laptops or macs?

All this makes a difference on what apps and programs you should use.

If you don’t care about automatic backup of any of your devices , just your wd drives, you can use the safepoint option in the wd user interface creates complete backups of one of your wd drives to another. Note these are local backups so if there is a fire that burns your house down and destroys all your drives, your data is lost. The way to avoid this is to put one of your backup drives in another building. This backup setup is more complicated but can be done.