Creating a Macbook Pro backup on MCH

I have just set up a new MCH and am going through the user manual trying to set it as a backup for my Macbook Pro running OS 13.4.1 Ventura. I keep following support article after support article down “a maze of little twisty passages, all alike” and I’m losing my mind at this point.

How do I set this backup up? There is reference in the manual to a desktop app that doesn’t seem to exist. Drag and drop would create a one-time image of my files, not a regularly updated backup. This article talks about Time Machine, but Time Machine can’t see the MCH and this article says Apple File Protocol is no longer supported but doesn’t suggest what I could do about this issue? This article is of no help.

Where is an article or document with steps I can follow to get this backup set up? I am fairly computer-literate but I cannot seem to find steps that map onto how my OS works or what I need to do. The drive is configured, local access is configured, and the user manual is leading me to nothing but dead ends.

The problem is mostly Apple which has the largest capitalization in the world but is also a company that can’t maintain a stable and compatible desktop OS.

Apple giveth AFP and they taketh, there is not much other companies can do. WDC is broke and sold itself to Kioxia.

At our law firm we have 70+ Macs on our WAN running OS 10.13 up to Monterey with no issues. Then comes Ventura and its broken.
On this Ventura Mac, I can connect to the share points via SMB, AFP, FIlemaker using IP address with no issues.
So this make me wonder what did Apple change in the background. Most likely it is some sort of security thing that is stopping this.

Dramatic elaboration aside, what I want to know is: should I return this thing while I still can?

New users should remember to turn on ‘enable local access’ on the MCH which is the first step to enable private files on the MCH to be seen in the local LAN after newly created local credential have been entered for the MCH:

Sure, return the MBP too if you can.

A new MCH macOS user could probably get better results by applying

  • enable local access on the MCH
  • the software reboot hack on the macOS

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Nov 9, 2022 6:02 PM in response to edwin jo This seems to be the best solution. Many thanks to all who participated.
PS - I just updated to Ventura 13.0.1 which does not fix the problem, but the turn off file sharing → reboot → turn file sharing back on still works.

Do you want to crack on Apple products or do you want to actually help?

My first post said, among other things, “local access is configured.” I did that.

I do not know what “the software reboot hack on the macOS” is, and following your link doesn’t seem to elucidate, unless you’re actually telling me “turn it off and on again.”

Gave you the answer already, printed the quote here and gave you the link.

Perhaps you can ask Apple for support.