Creating 2 partitions (NTFS & Fat32) in My Passport 1TB? (Windows Vista)

I have bought a 1TB My passport and would like to be able to view downloaded films/tv programmes etc on my blu-ray player via the usb port. It is currently in NTFS format which I’d like to keep but would also like to have another partition as fat32 as my Blu-ray will only read this. I don’t have any data on the drive yet either as it’s brand new so I don’t need to back anything up. I have googled this and couldn’t find a definitive answer, those I found seem to be the other way round from fat32 to ntfs or for a mac. If someone could point me in the right direction as to how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You can follow the link below for the steps. Just enter the partition size that you would like to have on the first NTFS partition, you need to create one and then the other. To format the second partition using FAT32 I recomend you to get a 3rd party program like easeus partition master.