Created Share Keeps Disappearing

I’m trying to create a new share in my admin panel but it keeps disappearing. I navigate to “Set Up Shares”, add a share, give it a name, hit “Apply”, and then it appears in the list of shares and gives me the options pane. I set it up how I want, hitting “Apply” on any modifications. If I then go to a different page of the admin panel and come back again, the new share has disappeared! What am I doing wrong?

I have a My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and am using a desktop with Windows 10.

Hello Shanester,

It happens when Samba configuration file does not match the actual shares on the device and the shares do not appear.

You can refer the link mentioned below and try to troubleshoot for the issue.

Thanks for the response. Far too advanced for me, unfortunately, so I think I’ll just stick with the shares I’ve got and make a mental note to go for an external storage system that actually works next time I’m in the market. I got lost on “enter the appropriate SSH username depending on the My Cloud model (root, SSHD)” and it only got worse as I carried on reading!