Create thumbnails

please please create that this device creates thumbnails from copied jpgs and withh iphone/ipad app can acess and view and share this jpgs.

It will be excelent if you can push your programmers to make this device usable for sharing images on the go for small group of people. right now it shows only icons not photos itself. it is not usable for quick searching image to share it in facebook or instagramm
Imagine. You are going on a trip with friends and you have digital camera. after shooting some time you send photos to device and your friends who are on the same trip and the same location can easy access your staff and post to instagram and facebook, share and send by email while you all continue this trip. you just need to make app better or new app and device to generate thumbs… device need to generate good quality small photos from big ones, and easy way to access them from devices and function to share, send, save, download them. and this is all. a little more work and a lot of people will be happy.

Hi, this sounds more like an idea, you can post it in the Ideas section for the external drives that can be found in the link below.