Create theme

Can someone direct me on how to create my own themes?

 I have the SMP if that helps

I have no programming skills, but would love to create a theme.

@ Blackbeard1970:

I would start with this theming guide produced for the WDTV Live Hub.  It cover a lot of information on what is possible to do on the live hub which also applies to the SMP.  You will also need a basic starting point for your own theme (courtsey of JoeySmyth) and a method to edit xml (text) files & image files.  I would recommend XML Marker for xml files & GIMP for image files.  Both are free.  You’ll have to become relatively comfortable with these or similar programs for theming.  

I would then read as much as you can (or that interests you) in the Live Hub theme section.  There is a lot of good information in there on what is & is not possible & how to accomplish it.  The people that post over there can also help if you have any questions and ask nicely.  This is at least how I got started.  

Good Luck!