Create Separate Raid Volumes on PR4100?

I’ve just purchased a PR4100 - 32TB, and my intention is to have the 4 disks set up in 2 x RAID 0 Volumes. The thinking is that I’ll have Volume_1 for my data, and I’ll set up an incremental backup to copy this to Volume_2. This will give a complete backup and somewhat protect the data from corruption and accidental deletion.

However if I try to change the RAID settings, it tries to apply the settlings to all 4 disks, so it wants to set all 4 disks to one massive RAID 0 Volume, and doesn’t give me the option to just set disk 1 and 2 as one volume, then do the same for disks 3 and 4.

It does let me limit the size of the RAID volume, however it’s impossible to set this to just use the first 2 disks without knowing to the exact megabyte how it’s calculating the space.

I’ve tried physically removing 2 of the disks, and it does let me then format the remaining 2 as a single RAID 0 volume. However I then have to physically remove those and insert the other 2 disks to format those to RAID 0 separately. That has worked, however as I am ‘tricking’ the system to let me do that, I’m worried that if I have to replace a disk at some point, the system will not let me format that correctly as part of the RAID Volume it came from without having to remove the existing disks, which could possibly not then be recognised as being part of an existing Volume when reinserted.

Am I missing something really obvious here, or is there no built in way to use the disks this way? Or do I just have to guess an approximation for the size of the first RAID Volume?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


I think what you are looking for is RAID 10.
RAID 10 = Combining features of RAID 0 + RAID 1. In other words, combines disk mirroring and disk striping to protect data. A RAID 10 configuration requires a minimum of four disks, and stripes data across mirrored pairs.


Thanks for the email. I did consider RAID 10, however I wanted the added security of having incremental backups to the 2nd Volume, which would protect against accidental deletion of whats on the 1st volume, and would give a true backup rather than just RAID redundancy. RAID 10 wouldn’t give that added layer of protection.