Create Raid on 2 MyCloud devices at different locations


I think about storing my data not only on two HDDs but also on two different locations. Is it possible to create a RAID on basis of two MyCloud EX2 devices? Alternatively I think to mirror the data from one MyCloud device to another MyCloud devices at different place.


I do not know of a way to create a raid array across two distinct NAS units.

When machines are sitting on the same network; you can create backup jobs to transfer data from one unit to the other. I am not sure on the best software to use for this task. . . .my understanding is the WD apps are functional. . .but not the best. I have not researched 3rd party apps. You definitely want software funning from the NAS, and not a PC (if you don’t want to tie up the PC with the backup job).

In terms of doing this from a remote location. . . . you will want to do this with a VPN connection between the networks. Once the VPN is established, you can run backup jobs from one system to the other. I know of software that will do this from a PC - - -(but that requires the backup job being run from the PC) … . I do not know of software that will establish a VPN connection from the NAS to another network.

. . .I am sure others will know of software that can do all of this.

PS: I use OpenVpn to establish VPN connection from my PC to home network.