Create new Volume

I have my EX4100 up and running with 3 x 6TB drives configured in a RAID-5 volume.

I now want to add a new 8TB drive as a JBOD volume without erasing the existing RAID-5 volume. The last step of the process is a little ambiguous for me. Following what I did (below) can I expect this to work properly and that I’ll end up with my existing volume intact with data and the new empty volume?

I’m 90% sure it’ll do what I need but that 10% it too much to risk my data.

This is what I did:
From Storage - RAID, I selected “Change RAID mode” and from there, on the “JBOD Configuration” page I select “Create new Volume(s)

The next page presents the warnings:


  1. Changing the RAID mode will erase all of the data on the drives listed below.
  2. These drives will not be accessible while the RAID array is being created.
  3. Drive Self Test (DST) is performed prior to creating the volume(s).

and tests Drive-4.
Next I should select Encrypted vs unencrypted and I leave unencrypted - the volume info looks OK Volume_2 - JBOD - 7997GB
Next comes the Summary which also looks good

This section provides a summary of the configuration you just created. It will show the volume name, file format, disk size and disk array number.
Volume_2 - JBOD - EXT 4 - 7997 GB - Drive4

The final step is where I am warey as it says:

Create New Volume(s)
You are about to re-format the hard drive(s). All data will be erased. Do you want to continue?

I would feel a little warmer if it said that Volume_2 will be formatted but that message isn’t clear enough.
I am assuming that it will ONLY erase the new drive and not the existing Volume_1 (my RAID-5 set)

Can someone confirm for me?

OK - so I admit to being totally paranoid here. I followed through (after backing up everything onto a bunch of older 1TB disks) and no problems. The new disk was correctly configured in JBOD and the existing RAID-5 volume was untouched.
Good-job WD but some more documentation of even YouTube instructorials would be extremely helpful.