Create music playlists on mycloud for use by my DLNA AV receiver

I can access mycloud music on my DLNA AV receiver (or on my blu ray player) and can view music by song/artist/album etc so that it’s reasonably convenient. But I would like to have playlists, is there a way to create them on my PC and put them on mycloud for use by my AV receiver?

On my AV receiver I can access the music from windows media player and I can see those playlists.

Try this program (free)

Playlist creator.

Hello folks,

Here is a detail of getting Playlists working on my WD Live drives. This took more than a little effort to figure out what the environment was doing.

My hardware environment:
 WD Mybook Live 3 TB Network Drive, Firmware Version - 02.43.03-022, Device Name on Network - “Mercury”
 WDTV Live #1, Firmware Version - 2.01.86
 WDTV Live #2, Firmware Version - 2.01.86
 Yamaha RX-A710 Stereo Receiver, Firmware Version - 1.47

My media environment:
 6310 Songs populated onto a PC (not a Mac) that uses iTunes
 50 different playlists

Playlist format:
 I converted the iTune playlists into “m3u” format playlists. You can see details on these online or in the WD Community. An abbreviated example of a playlist is below:

\Mercury\Public\Shared Music\Sugarland\Enjoy The Ride\10 - Stay.MP3
#EXTINF:274,Where Would You Be
\Mercury\Public\Shared Music\Martina McBride\Greatest Hits_MM\17 - Where Would You Be.MP3
#EXTINF:238,I Wonder
\Mercury\Public\Shared Music\Kellie Pickler\Small Town Girl\05 - I Wonder.MP3
#EXTINF:266,The Man Comes Around
\Mercury\Public\Shared Music\Johnny Cash\American IV_ Man Comes Around\01 - The Man Comes Around.mp3
#EXTINF:228,It Just Has To Be This Way
\Mercury\Public\Shared Music\Reba McEntire\Room to Breathe\12 - It Just Has To Be This Way.mp3
#EXTINF:294,Please Remember Me
\Mercury\Public\Shared Music\Tim McGraw\Greatest Hits_TM\09 - Please Remember Me.MP3
#EXTINF:158,God’s Gonna Cut You Down
\Mercury\Public\Shared Music\Johnny Cash\American V - A Hundred Highways\02 - Gods Gonna Cut You Down.mp3

 I’ve chosen to use the “absolute” path instead of a relative path. My devices appeared to find the device easier that way.

Here are the lesson’s learned from my efforts.

  1. The file name can not contain the two characters ’ and ,. That’s the apostrophe or the comma. I renamed all the files to not contain any apostrophe or comma. The Title in the song and the playlist didn’t make any difference. See the example above for “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.
  2. Get the Media Library set-up on your WD Live first, then populate the playlists. The media player doesn’t appear to handle updates to either the Playlist or the Media contents, even when "Rebuild is performed. Very often the Playlists showed “No Content”

Steps to set-up your media Library:

  1. Populate the library on your WD Live drive, of course with file names without any apostrophe or comma’s in then.
  2. Execute a “Rebuild”, let it do a rebuild and wait until the blinking Green Light has stopped. This can take a considerable amount of time on a large library. Be patient.
  3. This step might not be necessary but it appeared to help. Execute a “Reboot” from the drive. This is the Browser Application to talk to the drive.
  4. Populate the “m3u” playlists that you’ve got. When these are populated on the drive it will scan your library and find the files in library. Note that the files would be located in the path on the “m3u”.

I placed my playlists in the directory: “Shared Music”.

Now enjoy your playlists on your networked PC, networked stereo receiver or your WDTV.

I hope this helps people. I love playlists and I’m an avowed “Computer Nerd” and wasn’t going to let the immaturity of DLNA prevent me from enjoying my media.