Create mionet app for android

I would like to be able to access files from my Android mobile device. My Android browser does not use Java’s .class files; rather, it recognizes .dex files. Any development in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


definately agree with this post.  A mionet android app that lets you access files from mobile devices would be fantastic

Totally agree!!! I was a little surprised that it didn’t work on my HTC Desire. Is there missing a server-prg? If, can it be updated somehow?!?

Count me in. I like to view the photos on my MyBook Live using the Android WD Photos app but it is not enough considering all of the features Mionet gives you.

An app called “WD Files” using the Mionet service or FTP (Like ES File Explorer does) will just be my cup of tea… 

Oh yeah, the app should support Android 2.1 and on, just like WD Photos does…

got my vote

got my vote also

Thank you guys!! Please copy my signature on HTML code for the link to this Idea to spread the voice over the community!!

Many thanks to  ploos78 for posting the original Idea! 

Count me on it. It will be awesome to have the ability to access all file types from my Android phone.

put my vote to this idea, would love to access my world book via my android tablet and have all my music,videos and photos everywhere i go.

Thank you for the support guys/gals!!! Spread the voice! The more users the better!

Yes Please.

I just purchased a My Book Live 2tb and was looking forward to buying an android tablet to access it while traveling.

got my vote.

add me to this as well

I also would like to be able to access my MyBook Live via one of my Tablets and get files that I may need when I’m away from my home.  This would be very much appreciated.  Thanks for your time.

We hear your comments, and working hard to meet your expectations in next upcoming mobile app releases 

Hey SatyaFromWD, I know you hear the comments and check the ideas, but any status updates? I mean, most ideas get “Acknowledged” or “Unplanned” to at least let us know about WD’s plans…

“We hear your comments, and working hard to meet your expectations in next upcoming mobile app releases” by SatyaFromWD

YAY! This is awesome. Add video files and tablet support and I’ll be happy.

Do you have any estimate of that release date? I just added a mybook world2 to my live hub and this app would be great.

Does WD plan to create a version of WD Photo for the new Android 3.0 operating system?  I picked up a Motorola Xoom recently, and WD Photo does NOT show up in the Android Marketplace for it.

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Can’t be too hard to just enable the phone app to work on the tablets, right? Most phone apps work “out of the box” with tablets…

What is holding this up? Viewing pictures on a tablet is much more interesting than on the tiny screen of a phone.