Create MBL Custom Firmware (not from MBL itself)


is it possible to create a CFW for MBL using a VirtualMachine and then installing it to MBL? Because of nfodiz guide requires that you install on the NAS first and then do the backup, but what I want to do is to create a CFW without using the NAS so I can mod it very very quickly and only when all works then I install it to the NAS.
I do not know if I explained it well but it is similar to what happened when you created a CFW for iPhone using RedSn0w (you install packages BEFORE installing FW on your device).


I believe there should be different approaches with regards to development, and even more alternatives may be developed/published in the future by dedicated developers. However, I am currently not aware of said methods. Hopefully an experienced firmware builder will be able to share some thoughts.