Create list of folders, sub-folders and files on 2TB MyBook

Hi all. I’m an avid photo enthusiast. I have a 2TB MyBook that I use for RAW and JPEG storage. I’m about to purchase another drive and put this one in my bank’s safe-deposit box.

I’m looking for a way to create a searchable directory I can keep on my laptop of all the folders, sub-folders and files on the drive.

I do not use any automated backup application(s) or use Lightroom’s directory capabilities at this time.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello, let me see if I understand correctly, you want to have all the information that is currently located in the My Book in your computer?

No. What I want is a directory that lists all of the folders on my book, the sub-folders and the files in the folders. I have multiple drives - a 2TB with digital photos - RAW and JPEG format. Some edited in Photoshop, some not. Where they are, they have been given version numbers, e.g: image 2727 v1, image 2727 v2, etc. My other drive is a 3TB My Book. It is used to store documents, client files, articles, electronic books, etc. I want to get another one or two drives, for new items and place these in my safe deposit box in the bank. The directories will do a few things for me: 1 - Since I don’t have the best filing system, a directory file will allow me to search and see just what I have. I have to assume I have duplicate files and files I no longer need to archive. 2 - Help me quickly make copies of needed files to the new drives 3 - When something comes up where I need files on these drives, I will know exactly where they are. Thanks for your help. Hope you had a great July 4th weekend.