...create "Internal Backups" without parental path?

Path to long to access files with WD My Cloud App (Android) - create “Internal Backups” without parental path?

Dear WD-Community,

I have a new WD My Cloud Mirror system and used SmartWare for backing up my system.

The folders that have been created are very long (e.g. \1xx.1yy.2.zz5\SmartWare\WD SmartWare.swstor\ComputerName\Volume.5xx3eb1c.f7zz.11xx.bbad.806e345yy982\Users\User\Pictures\2006).

That is ok if I need to restore my system…

Now I used the function “Internal Backups” to copy only music and photos from the SmartWare folder to the Public folder to allow others to “read” specific files.

Also here the whole path was created but this seems to result into a problem with the WD My Cloud App (Android).

When I check the Public folder for music or photos no files are shown (I have to drill into each and every folder to access files).

When I move the files or folders manual (Windows Explorer) into a parental folder they can be found in the WD My Cloud App list by category (click on Music or Photos).

->So I assume that the path-length that can be accessed  (interpreted without to drill in) is limited in the WD My Cloud App.

->>So, Is there the possibility to copy the selected folders with “Internal Backups” to the Public folder without creating the whole (parental) path? If not that could be a useful functionality (little checkbox in the “Internal Backups” function) to be added :wink:

Any Idea?

Best regards

Hi TimelineX, welcome to the WD community. You could manually move the folders that you want to access on the My Cloud app into the Public folder. You can do this using Windows Explorer or the My Cloud desktop app.

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Hi jubei04,

thanks for your support and yes your solution is a quite good workaround. I did it as you proposed and I think technical it would be to complex to synchronize folder without (with different) path-information.

Many thanks again