Create an universal app W10

hi erverybody! i am presenting you this page its a page were all the W10 users can ask for apps for w10 and vote for it, so the developper see that its something that more than a few people are asking for! so, please vote for it! so we could have an universal app!

Or one could simply voice their opinion, as some already have, in the Cloud Ideas subforum thread for the Windows Mobile Phone app…

As to Windows 10, the various Windows software programs on the My Cloud Download page on the WD Support site appear to work.

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yes, i know i comment in that post too, but they are not answering… so, i thought its a good idea to show them that there is a lot of us with this isue…

Today i found out about he problems with WD2GO app, i had W10 mobile on my Phone AND the WD2go app worked perfectly.
I was only after i updated the firmware of my MyCloud device the app stopped working!
So its a firmware issue, not a windows mobile one.
Sad thing is that all worked so well, after all the problems when they launched the MyCloud i finaly decided to upgrade my firmware and now i lost the one thing i liked the most of that device…

Hi all, i downgraded my firmware to WDMyCloud v03.04.01-230 , as described in this forum and the WD2GO app works again, so if you want to use this under W10 mobile i suggest to roll back, its a shame we have to do this but it works.