Create a specific Media Player app for mobile devices

WD, please create a specific media player app for mobile devices.
Niceties would include a real random play generator of all songs.

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Status: Acknowledged.

Agree, Paul. I have asked WD to do this every chance I get. The My Cloud app music player is finally working better than it originally did, but the lack of a flexible and GOOD shuffle function is sorely lacking. I have to use other iOS apps (FileBrowser) and even Android apps (Bubble/UPnP) instead of My Cloud to play and shuffle my music collection on the My Cloud NAS,.

A good model to emulate would be how Bubble app shuffles music, but it shuffles all tracks from all folders and that is a problem. The very best Shuffle model is the one found in iTunes, because I can create iTunes playlists from a specific iTunes Library which includes or excludes any kinds of tracks (examples: no podcasts, certain genres, artists etc.) I can then shuffle THIS large playlist in iTunes or on my 160GB iPod Classic – yes, people still use them, and get the perfect shuffle and play it into the stereo. Problem with an older iPod is lack of Bluetooth. I recently solved that problem with a small $25 BT transmitter plugged into iPod headphone jack, so I can cast the BT signal to BT receiving devices. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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What does Status: “Acknowledged” mean? Do you work for WD?

lluna is a WD moderator. Check her name on her message header. I guess it means someone at WD saw your message. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.