Create a seperate folder only for backup files and not sync

Hi all. I have a EX2 Ultra. I have set up a sync with my usual laptop documents folder to have a safe sync of all files. However I want to create a separate folder on the EX2 drive that has some files that I would like to upload directly onto the EX2 drive and not sync with my laptop. So essentially using some space on the EX2 just like a cloud backup to store files that I dont want so sync. I tried to directly copy the folder I was interested to keep on the EX2 into the sync folder (stupidly) and of course WD Sync tried to upload all the files back to my laptop. I have just removed that copied folder now from the sync folder on the EX2 and put it on the EX2 but outside the folders for Sync. Is that ok? Is there any security threat that my files might be open to public if they are not in any folder specifically? Thanks!

Hi rom9,

It is recommended to provide the specific user access to the share into which you keep the folder/files that you do not want to Sync with the My Cloud EX2 Ultra device.

You can refer the link mentioned below and follow the instructions given in step 6 and step 7 to provide the user access to the particular share into which you want to keep the unsync data.