Create a folder?

How can I create a folder using the WD2Go app on the iPhone/ipad?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

Thank you. I was afraid of that. I’m a new MBL Duo owner and am really enjoying it. Hopefully this will be a future update.

Looks like one way to create a folder is to copy a file from another device, lets say Dropbox, and then go back in to MBL. There is now a “create folder” button. So I guess the function is there, you just have to jump through hoops to get to it. That should be an easy fix. Hope someone from WD is reading this.

Hi eL8RG8R, i tried to do this but couldnt quite figure out he steps based on what you’ve said below using an ipad, dropbox and wd2go. Could you provide a little more detail. Thanks

Oh man I just saw this and I SO sorry! 

On your iPad, I’m assuming you have already connected Dropbox as a device in your WD2Go App. 

  • Launch your WD2Go App
  • Connect to Dropbox
  • Open any folder with files
  • Click the button in the far upper right of the screen that looks like lines with a checkmark
  • check a file (any file)
  • tap the “Copy” button/icon/command (whatever you want to call it) at the bottom
  • Tap MyBookLive (or whatever you have named your NAS)
  • From here, you should have a “New Folder” button at the bottom. Looks like a folder with a + in it. Navigate to where you would like the new folder to be and tap that button. 
  • You have now created a new folder. 

It’s long way around just to create a folder. It works but is a giant pain. Hopefully an update will come one day.