Crazy Portal Login Sequence

I’m having terrible trouble understanding the logic behind getting into the customer Portal from the below link.

When I go to the above link, there is nothing to choose but “My Account” and when I do all I get is the “My Profile” Page with the option of “Cancel” or “Update” The Title “My Account” is misleading, and should be something like “My Profile Choices” My Profile" “Password Reset” or something like that?

I can click on “Support” and see “Community” which is okay I guess. But it is amazingly difficult to get to my actual Account. What they call the “Portal” I guess? Please put the Portal on your Main Page, or make it easier to find. I simply cannot waste my time with things like this every time I need to come here.

“Support” > “My Support” > “My Support Portal” I finally see it now, not super intuitive.

Can’t waste more time, hope that was sufficient to get my point across?

Thanks, DM

@DigitalMaster I’m not sure of what you are looking for but try this link.

Place your pointer over My Support and you will see this drop down list. See image below.

Thanks cat0w, but not looking for anything now. Just saying that the Portal Link should be on the page, so it is easier to find. Rather than having to choose “Support” first then look for the Dropdown on the next page. I’ll never understand web designers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not horrible, but certainly not good for someone coming to the site for the first time.