Crashplan backup over internet to wd mycloud

Hello, new to the community here.  I have a wd mycloud set up on my local network, works fine for me.  I have a windows 8 machine that I backup to the mycloud drive using crashplan, and that works great with both win8 node and the mycloud drive attached to my local network.

My question is this: has anyone successfully been able to get crashplan running on a windows 7 or 8 pc to backup to your wd mycloud drive over the internet?  If you have, I would love to hear from you.

I have tried several methods I found by googling, but nothing successful so far.

Conversely, if anyone knows successfully doing this is currently impossible, I would like to know that as well.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Not sure if this is posible since it’s not supported by WD.

Did you tried mapping the share folder to the remote computer?

Hi, I have it working on a Windows Home Server 2011 system and so far so good (I just set it up yesterday).

Did you follow this guide?

You didn’t say what issue you’re encountering, but perhaps it will be fixed by following instructions in that link.  If you simply mount a remote share and try to back up to it, it won’t work because CrashPlan runs under user SYSTEM and won’t have access to the share.  The work around is to write a little script to map the the share under user SYSTEM’s authority.

Please note that although the article addresses backing up *from* a network drive, you would follow the same instructions to back up *to* a network drive.

Hope that helps.

Edit: Oops, I completely missed the part where you said “over the Internet”.  Perhaps if you shared what problem you’re facing we could help.

Hi Cloudnine,

You can find easy instructions here…