Crashes and reboots constantly

I’m having a problem after turning on my WD TV media player. I’ll start searching through folders(video or audio) and the player crash. The sceen on the TV will go blank and after a few seconds the WD logo will come back up followed by the menusand it will start scanning connected USB device (which is a 2TB WD hard drive) Any Ideas? Appeciate any and all help.

What firmware version are you using? 

Firmware is version: 1.03.01

I kinda have the same problem here. Although I can start a movie and watch it, but after like 3-5 minutes it will just stop and the WD TV reboots as described here.

any ideas?

(latest Firmware / 1TB WD MyBook Essential)

I’ve never had any crashing or rebooting with 1.03.01 and 1TB MyBook Essential drives.

How many different types of media files have you tried? And do you have another drive (either hard drive or thumb) that you can test with?

Actually this is the first time i have this problem (and i do have the WDTV and the HD for almost a year now).

It just tried my Sandisk flash drive and it seems to work with it.

Acutally I didn’t use the WDTV & HD for like 2 months, because I was on holydays.

Also I just realized (as I connected the Mybook to my Mac), that I have used it to backup my old mac in august and therefore there are two partitions on it, one with my Mac backup and one with all my media files.

Maybe the WDTV can’t handle those two partitions

It might be the Mac partition that causes the grief… I don’t know.

But multiple partitions, in general, haven’t seemed to cause problems.

In fact, any WD portable with the Smartware VCD on it, has at least 2 partitions. :wink: