Crash on assigning content info

All my movies I assigned content info without a problem except one. Frost-Nixon, every time I select the check box to assign that file the info it causes my hub to reboot. Is this a bad file or content info? The movie pays fine and after the reboot all the content is assign except for the movie picture. If I remove and assign the same thing happens, reboot and no picture but see info. weird?

I’m guessing you have a HUB, not a LIVE, but you’re in the wrong fourm.

Second, I’m guessing you didn’t do a search, as that’s a known issue:

Yes, I accidentally posted under general forum which includes all the WD TV devices instead of specifically the hub.  Or if it doesn’t then someone needs to rework the forum hierarchy. Thanks for directing me to the known bug in the firmware. As for the search that was the result of being sick for 2 weeks straight and being exhuasted, I just wasn’t searching like an intelligent person.  So please ignore any grumpiness in my reply.  :wink: