Crash during netflix playback


My WD TV live is 3 weeks old.

Yesterday it was on for 6-8 hours when all of the sudden during netfix playback the TV screen went black.

It’s like the device powered off all of the sudden, but is was still running and the ethernet port was flashing (green only). The white led on the front was also still working. The devise wasn’t responding to the remote control, WD TV remote controll app on android smarthphone also didn’t find the device anymore.

I had to unplug the power and plug it back in. Device would boot, started netflix again. 5-10 min later… same thing happend.

High pitch sound, screen turns black, device unresponsive…

This is not what I hoped for when buying this device.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Solutions?

The device is running quite hot… Can be normal. I can stil touch it though.



if it was on for 8 Hours straight … i would unplug it also, and leave it unplugged to give it a chance to cool down, before plugging it back in and trying it again.

Where is your device placed ?  does it has plenty of ventilation , not placed on carpet, no objects sitting on top of it  etc