Crash after assigning static ip


I’m setting up my WD my book after moving house, and I’m trying to allow access to my linux computer, for which I need to assign a static ip address. Whenever I try to assign a static ip though, the thing crashes and then I can’t connect and I have to reset the admin password and such.

Can anyone suggest what I’m doing wrong here?

MBW blue rings or White Light ?

white light

This is weird…

When you say crashes… What do you mean?

What firmware does the unit have?

sorry for the late reply…

When you click to accept the new IP it looks as if its loading a new page, and then never does. It freezes, and you can’t get into the hard drive through finder (I’m using mac btw). The only to set it back is to reset the admin password using the button on the machine, but this doesn’t help me get a static IP…

The firmware version is 01.01.18