Crappy RMA in Argentina

WD people, please take a look to those in charge of the RMA in other countries. I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina); here that company is “I.S.S DE ARGENTINA” and they provide a really LOUSY service. In order to get a replacement for my failing external drive they made me go two times to their office 'cause they didn’t do their work properly (checking the drive for errors). After the first visit to their facility (when I explained the failure) they sent me back the same drive with a new cable. Then, when I went for the second time to explain the failure again with detailed screenshots of the drive’s scan results, they sent me a replacement for my drive, but the courier (DHL’s courier) didn’t leave the package at my office’s floor (he/she left it at another floor not related to the company I work for). In short, a forgettable experience, to say the least…

RMA services in India is bad too my [deleted], Its been a month and i have not received my replaced drive.

There is no proper escalation mechanism.

Seagate is much better, the last time I faced issue with a Segate Drive it go replaced in a weeks time.