Cpu usage with wd software disallows any other function

I am new to external storage, and am far from a techie; but the wd software that comes with the passport overwhelms my cpu and my computer becomes useless.  My toshiba is less than a year old. I have a core i3 process. I operate windows 7. I have 450g mem. I operate itunes and a few other pretty standard programs but nothing specialized that should require alot of usage. I have uninstalled all wd software and everything is fine. My computer works flawlwssly and I have taken great pains to insure that I have never downloaded any malware. Is my computer jumk or is this external drive a **bleep** product? I have read a ton of negative reviews concerning the passport, after i purchased it of course.

any ideas?

It isn’t the actual drive it’s the Smartware. I use GoodSync and to update my backed up files. MS has a free one SyncToy http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=15155