CPU Usage Issues

I’ve had my MacBook for 2 1/2 years and my Passport for 1 1/2. The passport is great but I have a lot of issues with my computer overheating. I’ve looked at my Activity Monitor and the WD Smartware D is CONSTANTLY taking up a huge amount of space on my CPU. It’s the only think I can think of that’s slowing my computer and making it so I could fry an egg on it if I wanted to. My question is, how do I get this to stop running in the background?

I’ve tried force quitting it but it just keeps popping up 2 seconds later. It won’t die! What can I do to stop it from running in the background, only when I want it to?

*I should probably mention that I’ve removed the program from my computer in its entirety so I don’t know why it’s still running. I’ve done a few searches for it and nothing comes up.

Thanks for your replies in advance.

I’ve heard some people talking about the same problem, I think I’m lucky since I dont have problems on my computer and I have win xp, Smartware is always running and the CPU usage is normal. Anyway I would like to know how to solve that problem to know what to do in case that happend to me someday.

Hi there, I don’t think Smartware is fully gone from your Mac… Otherwise it would not show up for a force quit…

How did you remove it? You’ll have to use the “Smartware uninstaller.app” to fully remove it from your Mac… If you mean the Smartware VCD icon on your Desktop then that is NOT Smartware, just the second partition of the drive and can’t be removed…