Coverart and metadata

Another question from a newbie about the SMP and coverart / metadata.

I am using a wired network with all my movies on my computers HHD using shares l can see and play all my movies and see the folder.jpg art in each movie folder.

l have used thumbgen to get the metadata and backdrop artwork and place it in each folder but it’s not showing up when using the themes.

ls this because the metadata only works on usb attached drives or what should l try.


Metadata is DISPLAYED correctly for NAS only in the GALLERY VIEW.   Same with backdrops.   The other VIEWs won’t show the contents of the metadata, or have the correct “Title.”  They’ll just show the file name.

So, if you’re using Gallery View, you SHOULD see the backdrops and metadata, even on network shares.

l am using gallery view and no metadata or coverart or background are show up.

What files should l have in the folders with movie iso’s


At the minimum you need:


filename.jpg (coverart)


filename_sheet.jpg (backdrop)  This can be named anything as long as it matches the backdrop name in the xml.

Thanks for your help  Tinwarble   with your guide for Thumbgen Tutorial I have managed to get my metadata and artwork downloaded and now working ok with my computers HDD video folders. Just need to tweek some settings and it be great.

Thanks again