Cover issue

iv made my own covers for the Batman movie series which are plain black with the own versions of the Bat logo…but when i try uploading them to TMDB, it gets halfway and stops.

i know this isnt the right forum for it, but the TMDB forums arent helpful and assumed someone on here might have some advice


                       Not really sure why you NEED to upload your covers to the database…                         

You can still use them for your media player…I have seen some upload problems with TMDB…either keep trying or just use the XMLEDITOR and add your custom images to the xml yourself…

                                                     THANKS for trying to share your work with us



i originally had cover atwork from TMDB that worked fine but then i deleted it and put my custom cover in its place…but it doesnt want to show up…even after rebooting. so i assumed if i uploaded it to TMDB it would appear lol


             easy fix.

Go into your hub via network.

folder structure will be   WDLIVEHUB / .wd_tv / thumbs /

go ahead and delete the thumbs in the folder for your batman movies…then reboot your hub.

It will rebuild your thumdbase and the custom pics will be the new thumbs…good luck