Cover art problem (pics)

I keep my tv shows in this structure Videos/TVshows/Legend of the Seeker/Season X  and for some reason the art doesnt seem to work properly, the smaller folder art appears okay but not the larger one as follows:


also the same problem in season folder, no larger art and no info:


also, within the folder, the larger episode art appears zoomed right in:


tried all sorts to get it working :S

Out of interest were did you get the art work. Did it come from the Get Info.

the seeker ones are from scouring the web lol i dont like having anything on the cover other than the name, so managed to find some without extra text and what not, some i had to photoshop the text out

To answer your original question, it’s a known issue. 

Definately It is a bug, If you have manually edited your Metadata XML files and or put your own Images then you will not see that populate correctly.

The only way you will have that image is if you get the XML metadata created using WDTV LIVE hub’s own GET INFO method and also for that feature to work correctly you *MUST* have Media Library turned on.

You are better off not using that default Theme and use some third party themes and not worry about the Gallery view…

Hope this helps…

Best wishes

ah k, im just using this theme until the one joeys making is done, looks the best so far! just trying to learn how to do moviesheets and what not? seems a little complicated that thumbgen program