Cover Art & Film Info

Hi_ _ I have recently purchased a WD Live Hub and very pleased with it. WD couldnt answer this question but I was wondering if anyone has had similar problem and found a fix.

I am slowly backing up my DVD collection in Vob format. The hub recognises a high percentage of my collection but there are a few that it does not recognise when I ask it to retrieve info. Even when manually searching in the search section it still doesnt give me any results.

Does any know a way of maually adding the cover art and film info manually. or which website wd use for this info?

I look forward to hearing peoples responses!

Hope you had a great Christmas!

There’s no way yet to manually add info; but you can add at least your own thumbnails (just a  JPG file with the same name as the movie.)

I don’t use VOB format for my DVDs, so I am not quite sure WHERE to put the file.   Someone else can chime in there.

We’re hoping a new version of firmware will allow for manually-added info.

Lovely thanks! I have had a look at trying to rewrite the xml files for the DVD’s to see if that works but still having a few probs!

Ok, re-writing XML is pretty straightforward.   What specific issues are you having?

One thing I *know* you can’t re-write is the element.    Well, you CAN re-do it, but the Hub ignores it.

Ah well if the hub ignores it it must by why its not working! So far its the only disappointment of the product