Couple questions before buy mycloud 3TB


I wondering to buy my cloud 3 TB and I have some questions :

  1. When I connected external usb drive can I setup only one directory for example photos and backup them to external drive automatically ?
  2. Can I streaming movies with subtitles (*.srt) to my TV ?
  3. Did have access by ssh and can install additional programs ?
  4. Its any software disadvantages compare to my cloud mirror 4TB (except obviously RAID option)
  5. I noticed on WD compare page mirror version have FTP option ? 3 TB single doesn’t have ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

hi there :slight_smile: if you are a techie you could buy just external hard drive + raspberry pie and make your own NAS… also check this page (change it to your country) to get it at better price (shorter warranty tho…)

now to the questions:)

  1. yes you can
  2. I dont think Twonky (thats the primary DLNA software) support subtitles… but you can install openDLNA which supports subtitles
  3. yes you can, but you should use only the software found on this forum (preferably from nazar) or if you are techie you cant compile it yourself :smile:
  4. dunno I dont have it :smile:
  5. yes mycloud has FTP as well :slight_smile:

hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer. Yes I am technical person but from some other reason I need to buy my cloud or seagate personal cloud.
Seagate doesn’t have access via ssh so lost this battle :wink:

oh ok :slight_smile: if you need something else let us know :wink:

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