Couple of Safepoint questions

Hello, I just spent a week getting all my media onto my new MBL and getting several home computers backing up to it.    Now I want to buy a new external drive to use as a Sharepoint and had some questions that were not clear in the documentation.

  1.  I intend to keep my Sharepoint drive, which will be a 3TB USB external, offsite at a nearby friend’s house.  This drive will be fully TrueCrypt encrypted which I believe won’t be a problem because I’ll mount it on one of my computers then have my MBL save a Safepoint to it over the network.  Just checking to see if anyone sees a problem with this process.

  2. Every 2-3 weeks I’ll reconnect that external drive and mount it since it will be TrueCrypt encrypted.  I plan on doing a manual Safepoint update.  Is updating an existing Safepoint the equivalent of doing a differential or incremental backup i.e. it only updates/copies the changes since the last Safepoint update?

  3.  Just to be clear, if my MBL fails I will need to buy another MBL, then do a Safepoint recover from my external drive to the new MBL correct?


I can’t comment on the TrueCrypt, but on the other points I can.

  • The updates are incremental

  • Yes. Should the primary drive fail, you will need to get another MBL and perform a restore from your backup.