Couple of question

I have couple of questions:

1.) Is it possible to add/modifie/delete/hide folder on main screen? …for example add “TV show” folder ja hide/delete some of folders.

2.) How I can set default path on local or network drive to main folders? …for example then I select “Video”, selection will lead to some spcifield patch on my local network.

The WDTV Media Player (and the WDTV Live Streaming latest firmwares)

Have a “Grid” interface where you can add “Shortcuts” to Services, Folders (Local & Networked) 

You can browse to the Folder eg. “TV Shows”   press “Option” and “Add Shorcut to Home Page”

You can Add / Delete  (You can only “Hide” online services via the parental control settings)

The only way to “Hide” a folder on your WD … is to rename (on your PC) the folder and place a “Dot” in front

eg.     .stuff       (this will not display on the WD, but you will have to use your PC to view it)