Couple of issues

I need to take everything off my passport and transfer it to my PC. 

I have been using a Cisco E4200 router for the past 6 months with no hassle having the passport plugged in and running all my media. 

For some reason the router willl not show the drive up anymore.I disconnected it and found I needed an update on the drive so attempt that but it fails to initiate saying programmes were open however they were not. (I used the guide) so I thought the best way is to get everything off and format it and then install the update but it wont let me transfer anything via drag and drop method. 

Can anyone assist with either 

a)router recognising the drive

b)update install 

c) Take everything off the drive and put it all on my PC (I have enough memory)

Thanks in advance!

Right issue of new software is sorted! 

Just need to know how to get EVERYTHING off the drive and onto my PC so I can format it.