Couldn't secure My Book Live

At the very 1st time i setup my storage, it works fine on everything except backing up.
After i did some silly backup, i decided to restore the storage via “Factory Restore” in Dashboard.
After that, i start to sync everything into public folder beacuse i didn’t know how to use “a few user’s options”.
The main point is, i want to password protect MyBookLive using a password because all my files are in public folder.
It always drag me to dashboard and there i saw “secure your device”.
I press it and updated the password.
After that, whatever i pressed, it couldn’t show me and i just saw “redirect”.
After i refresh, all back to normal. No password updated.   =/

Any help out there? Thank you…

I think there is a bug or three in the current firmware. I’ve had this “redirect” word too.