Could use some advice: Installing Drives from the DL4100 to EX4100

Apparently, I was the only one in the universe who didn’t know the DL4100 would eventually put me in the blue blinking light of death, and as much, I can’t access the data from the drives on this unit.

I spoke to many technical people (which I am not), including WD support, and they told me you could buy the EX4100 and just replace the drives from my the DL to the new unit.

New unit arrived today and I’m too afraid to make the transition. I was stupid and only have about 80% of it backed up so I can’t afford to lose anything. I am running a mirrored drive (4x6TB split in half, so really 2X12TB - can remember which one this is.)

Can someone walk me through the steps to do this? I know they have to go in the same slots, but do I put the drives in before ever turning on the EX4100? Then, once turned on, what else do I need to do to be safe? I would hope it would tell me if “you hit yes to this it will format your drives” but I don’t know enough about this stuff to know if it will or not!

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

I never heard from anyone, but if this happened to you I wanted everyone to know it did work. I installed the drives in the same bay, and followed the prompts. Read this support article to make sure you enable raid roaming as you go through it:

You’re right, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m sorry I upset you. I didn’t know that I had to make sure I approved the Raid when I installed it. I am not a computer expert but decided to major in finance and not IT when in college. I am a novice and found myself looking at potentially losing some of my data when my device wouldn’t load. I was only trying to save 80,000 photos and videos of my family. Sorry I wasted your time.

I never saw this message, but you are right, this is exactly what to do. For some reason, this message never showed up on my feed. Thank you for your help.