Could the most current WD/Acronis Software be failing?

I just did a complete re-install of Windows-7. Yes, it took a long time but was badly needed. To begin the re-install, I used a Windows-7 install CD and allowed it to delete and write the new install over the existing “C” drive. Many hours later it finished with over 200 Updates. Then I used a freshly downloaded copy of the WD Acronis Cloning Software. I used it to clone from the original “C” drive to a new, never used, drive. The clone appeared to be successful. I then went to clone the new, “never used” drive to a second new, “never used” drive and it appeared to work also. Then I physically uninstalled the original “C” drive and replace it with the second cloned new, “never used” drive. It booted right up and I was happy for a minute or two. For whatever reason, I looked at the “properties” of my new boot drive. It was almost full. Certainly I thought, I needed to clean it up from the “debris” of the re-install of Window-7. I did and it remained almost full. I then opened the drive and to my surprise, files from the original “C” drive were on it! YIKES, I could see that after the Windows-7 re-install, maybe. I cannot see it after two cloning operations. My suspicion is the WD Acronis Cloning Software version is flawed and is picking up debris remnants from a Partition on the original “C” drive. I am old and essentially stupid. I redid it and it produced the same results. Does anyone have any ideas as to what went wrong in my process, assuming I did something in error?


I haven’t try that. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

Thank you.