"Could not find this item" when copying file to WD External HD

I have a My Book Essential 3TB USB 3.0 drive that I have connected via USB 3 cable to a Windows 7 64bit Dell laptop.  I did not load/install WD SmartWare software. I have updated the firmware to the latest (V1.019) and have the lastest USB 3 Bus Controller Driver.

When I transfer data from my C:\ internal hard drive to the external WD 3TB drive from within two Micrrosoft Windows Explorer windows, using right click drag and drop (copy), typically some of the folders and files in those folders do transfer over. but quite often during the process of transfering I will get a Windows window that pops up that says "Item Not Found.  Could not find this item.  This is no longer located in E:\backups. Verify the item’s location and try again. The E:\backups ffolder is the location on the WD External HDD where I’m copying the files to.

So it is telling me that the file I want to transfer over is not in the destination (ya, because you have not copied it over yet) and as a result of it not already being in the destination prior to being copied, it can’t copy it over.  This doesn’t even make sense. If you look in the destination folder you can confirm it does exist and is empty, yet I get an error that says it could not be found.  Anyone have an idea what is going on here? Very strange.


You can try error checking both drives to see if the files are corrupted. Check Microsoft support website for more information regarding this error message.