Could anyone please advise on drive compatibility - My Book Work - V - Live Duo

I have a failed World edition external drive (Blue rings / White case), having read numerous posts regarding the issue I’m happy that the drive itself is OK as it spins up and has the occasional dull thud, although it has failed I do intend to replace with another WD unit (namely a My Book Live Duo) but want ensure my existing data is recovered / protected.

As the duo live is a “limited user-serviceable” product, would I be able to simply drop the World edition drive into the Live Duo and have it re-build / mirror the existing data if set to RAID 1 ?

My existing World Edition unit is:

MODEL: WD10000G032


If the Live Duo is not compatible it there another WD NAS / Media Server product that is ?

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I advice you not to do that. The MBL will just reformat that drive.

I don’t think is going to work as the other user mentioned, but is better if you contact WD for this.

Thanks Guys… I’ve sent a support request to WD and currently await a response…HOWEVER !..since posting the above, i have now opened the unit having noticed a discoloration " scorching" on the outer case to find the main PCB has over heated / burned out. If i can’t install my existing drive into the new Duo, would i be better off replacing the PCB (if possible) and transferring the data to the Duo in the usual way and perhaps even using the World edition as a further backup if i can get it back to life ?