Corrupted My Passport Essential

I use a WD My Passport Essential to backup photos. I was working with the device today. All was well, until I started getting “Corrupted” messages. Is there anyway to resurrect these devices?

There are a couple of things you might try…

  1. Change the USB cable you’re using (the current one may have become defective).
  2. Run our diagnostics utility to make sure that the drive isn’t going bad.
  3. Try to save as much of your data to another drive as possible, then delete the partition and re-partition and format the drive.

Corruption can happen when you save data to the drive then UN-safely remove the drive by just pulling the cable. It can also happen by transferring a corrupted file. If steps 1-3 doesn’t fix it, then you might be multiplying bad sectors on the drive and it should be replaced.

I did miss one thing. You can also change USB ports on your PC. Ports can go bad. Also if you’re getting a lot of bad sectors showing up on the drive, the diagnostic utility should show that.

I connected to different USB ports but no difference. I’ll try a
replacement cable next. Where do I find the diagnostics utility? I can’t
access any files on the drive so can’t make any back ups.

Mike Mower

Here is our DLG Diagnostics.