Corrupted files?

I have just bought a WD TV Live media player, model WDBGXT0000NBK-EESN.

My problem: sometimes, when I am playing a video file (avi or mp4), the playing stopped suddenly, and after of that I cannot use the fast forward option for that video file. It seems that the video has become corrupt, with the index damaged.

It doesn’t happen with all the files, only sometimes. But it has already happened several times, and I already checked the hard drive.

I am thinking if this problem could happen because I am using a WD hard drive of 2 TB (I have two WD Elements hard drives in my media player, one with 1.5 TB and the another one with 2 TB). Is that possible? Using a hard drive with 2 TB can cause this kind of problems?

Thank you very much!!!

People have reported 4TB drives to work fine and corrupted files so far only with the old Live. How about creating some MD5 hashes for your files and verify them after playback?