Corrupted files after copy to My Cloud 3TB

Hello all,

I’m having issues with copying files.

The issue is as follows.  Any file that I copy, from “My Documents” or “My Pictures” or the Desktop, gets corrupted on the transfter to the “Public Shares” or one of the user shares folder.  I can’t open it up when it’s on the My Cloud.  I can copy or move it back to the computer and I am still unable to open the file.  The error message I get depends on the file and the program trying to open it.


Widows photo viewer says the .jpg file is too large, corrupted, or damaged

Adobe Lightroom will not even access the .jpg and locks up

Adobe Acrobat Pro says that the file is not a supported file type, or is damaged

Word locks up as well as Excel

I’m using a Windows 7SP1 machine and an 8.1 tablet.  I have the 3TB My Cloud that’s brand new and hardwired to my router.  It’s been updated to the newest firmware v04.01.01-413 and I’ve rest it once to factory settings (trying to fix it).  I have no problems accessing it and I can access it with my tablet.  I have the same issues with the tablet, but it does ask me if I want to copy pictures without their properties.  I can cancel or continue the copy without the item type, date taken, rating, dimensions, and size…

I don’t know what to do.  Any ideas on what’s going on?

Thanks in advance for any help.


How do you copy the files?

  • using the network shares, or

  • wd mycloud destop app, or

  • ftp, or

  • website?

I copy to network shares in file explorer. Just using drag-and-drop or copy and paste.

Hello Scase,

I’m having the same problem you had.

I just bought a WD MyCloud 3TB and when I try to copy files by dragging them directly to MyCloud’s folders, they get corrupted. However, if I copy them by using the WD My Cloud application, it goes all right.

The firmware is up to date and I’m using Windows Vista.

Did you find out what was happening?

Thanks for the help.


Hello Carlos8899,

I also have the same problems with corrupted files when copying them by dragging directly into MyCloud folders.

In the corrupted files are only very few corrupted bits: for example: copied file size 6412 KB; 2 bytes corrupted: a byte AD changed to BD and one byte 4A changed to 5A; i.e. in both bytes just one bit failed.

Also my firmware is up to date. I’m using Windows 7 Professional 64.

Copying same file by ftp is ok.

Did you get any hint or idea was is going wrong?

Thanks for your help.


Hi All,
I have a 3TB WDMyCloud with the same problem copying files through shared folder/application. The files became corrupted and not usable after copy.
The FW is up to date. OS Windows 10. Do you have any solution ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi everyone.
I have a 4TB WD MyCloud with similar problems.
I bought it almost a year ago because I had a 2TB WD Passport with movies and TV shows.that I have been collecting during the last 15 years.I decided to transfer all of it to my newly bought 4TB WD MyCloud, connecting it to my Win10 PC straight with a Cat5 ethernet cable and the 2TB WD Passport with an USB3 cable…After the transfer I really didn’t think more about it, until recently when trying to access a couple of files. I keep getting the “file is corrupt” message, I have lately checked all my files that where transfered from the 2TB WD Passport with an USB3 cable and a Cat5 ethernet cable to my 4TB WD MyCloud. I am getting the same message when trying to open any of my files.
Can anyone please help me with some advice because I am pretty devastated.
I would appreciate it.
Mike from Sweden

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