Corrupt volume, 3tb my book essential USB 3.0


I think im the deep here…

I have both a mac and a pc, with paragon installen on windows, i can both read and write HFS+ format. So with the disk connected to my pc move some files over. suddenly disk managment crashes, and everything locks up. I remove the drive from the system (safe removal did not respond) And the volumes never disappeared from My Computer.

when connecting the drive to the mac, disk utility reports errors with the volumes, there isnt anything important on the disk at this time, so i decide to just format, go for the safe bet. But the format fails, and unmounts the disk.

So i try to mount it back on in windows, but now the drive has gone mental on me, sometimes (very rarely) i get the “you need to format the disk before you can use it” message.

So formatting the drive isnt easy. I´ve downloaded the WD formatting tool. It usually discovers the drive, but just to crash during format.

The drive rarely shows up in diskpart, usually when it does it shows 0kb of storage, some few times it shows the fullsize, but still wont allow me to format, because there is no volumes on the disk.

before the wreckage there were 3 partitions on the disk 2 HFS+ and 1 FAT32

What the heck do i do?

On the Mac go to Disk Utility and run First Aid

Crossing platforms and multiple partitions have the tendency to corrupt and damage partitions

any particular reason why you need to have as many partitions on this drive?

Every time you unplug the drive, make sure to eject each individual partition