Corrupt text display


I am trying to get it so you have no picture or text inetweeb each file when playing a number of video files. I have done this by doing this:

But now, after a reboot of the WD TV Live, text is corrupt! :frowning: (I have done a factory reset, reinstalled the theme, and the same happens).

Text is now displayed lower down than it should be (so it looks odd) and some times means the bottom of the text is gone. Some times when text scrolls the bottom bit of the text says while the rest scrolls. Am I doing something wrong? It is fine until you do a full reboot of the WD TV live, then it does this.

To do the above change I downloaded the standard Mochi theme from towards the bottom of this thread:

I guess this is corrupt. Is there some thing else I should be modifying? Is there a way I can get the default theme off my WD Live directly?

Thank you

they are quite old mods for the WDTV Live Hub …

you could give this a try …

if that’s not what you want … here’s a detailed description of how the Video Playback XML works … modify it to suit your needs.