Corrupt passport? computer won't read HDD

I just got a My Passport Essential 500gb, and plugged it in to my Dell Inspiron 6400 (running XP SP 3). It runs for a minute and then brings up a blue screen starting with text saying

" A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


I then have to turn off the laptop by holding down the power button as I can’t do anything else after that. I have a photo taken of all the text which I started above.

Is this a power problem of the hard drive, or is it possibly corrupted? It works on a computer with Vista, I haven’t been able to try any other XP computers.

I very much appreciate any help! Thanks


 This is a USB Power problem.Dell Inspirons shut down if a USB device takes in more than 750mA.

A power booster USB cable should fix this.

Also check for any Virtual CD ROM mounting software like Daemon or Sonic that could be conflicting with the

WD Smartware Virtual partition.



I had the same problem and same screen appeared. Since then however, I cannot view videos from the internet (You Tube for instance). The images play in slow motion and sound too.

How can I restore this

I have uninstalled the Portable HD SW.

I have a Toshiba Equium on XP

Cn you help me at least know how to restore the sound and image


I have just had an identical problem.

From speaking to WD it appears that the WD Smartware is not so smart after all.

It clashes with various existing CD/DVD burning systems such as Roxio, Sonic and, maybe, Nero.

Sadly, WD gives no warning of this and just gives the BSOD and the BAD_POOL_HEADER message.

I used to think highly of WD but this is a major problem - it has just cost me about 20 times what I paid for the 500gb Essential that I was trying to back up on to!