Corrupt hard drive

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Currently my laptop has a normal 1tb hard drive. However, because the computer will not boot up properly and hangs/freezes at the log in screen, I have been told that the hard drive is corrupt and needs replacing. Would this mean that I can purchase a new hard drive (or rather SSD), and connect it up to my desktop PC, install windows on it, and then install it in my laptop to start up…? Would that work, or am I missing something? I know it is difficult to say exactly what the problem is and whether that is the fix or not, but is the above something that could work, or is it not possible to install windows on a hard drive from another computer then install it into a laptop to start up?

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You have a couple of choices…You can try what you’re talking about and it might work. Or you can do

1 A fresh installation of Windows
2 Use software for “cloning” your old drive to your new drive.

Since you seem to have issues booting I would suggest you install Windows fresh. Some refer to this as a “clean” install or a “custom” install of Windows.

You need installation media to do this. You can download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. You can make a bootable USB flash drive (if you have one to use) or you can install from a DVD if you have a DVD burner to make a bootable disk. You might also have a disk that came with your laptop for Windows installation (doubtful).

Basic - you get the media you need from MS. You’ll need to know if you are using Windows 32 or 64 bit, Home or Pro etc.You make the USB drive or DVD. Backup any files (pictures, music, documents, etc). Install the shiney new SSD into your laptop and then boot from the installation media and install windows.