Corrupt Files?

I have used WD McCloud as a media server for some time now to stream my movies to Roku devices.

Recently some videos will play but the audio crackles bad and behaves like its corrupted. It has started moving to other files.

I have tried scan disk, deleting and resaving files with no improvement. Ne t step is to format and replace all the files. Over ethernet this is going to take a couple days. Any suggestions?

Usually when a video file gets corrupted … it’s not just the Audio that has a problem, the Video will break up and pixelate too.

process of elimination … does the audio crackle on Non Roku devices ?

eg. have you played them on your PC or Laptop to test the audio ?

What program are you using for the media server? Twonky, Plex, other?

How is the Roku connected to the local network? Wifi or Ethernet?

Does the same audio issue happen on non Roku devices?

If the Roku supports a USB connection (via a USB flash drive/USB hard drive) does the audio exhibit the same issue?

If the issue is confined to only Roku devices then see the Roku user support forums. It appears some are having issues recently with their audio.

Thanks every one! I feel like a dope for not checking it on other devices. It is definitely the Roku. I can play the files on other Rokus in the house and they work fine. It seems to randomly pick and choose files.